Paper with Tradition

Our paper factory opened in 1911 on the site of an old pulp mill. At the time an economic revival was in full swing in the area, bringing with it the construction of an electric railway network. The Schönfelder paper factory has lived through a turbulent century: originating from an old pulp mill, then the dynamic 1920s, later WWII and the postwar period, before ultimately Germany was reunited.

On its 100th anniversary in 2011, Schönfelder Papierfabrik had become a successful, medium-sized family company in the graphic paper market.


Volker Cordier fulfilled a life-long dream in 1997 when he decided to breathe new life into the factory with its obsolete paper machinery. Showing dedication and craftsmanship, he opened up new niches in the recycling paper market and expanded the company’s range with custom orders for selected clients. Today, the sixth generation of Cordiers continues the family tradition in the paper industry, continually investing in people and technology to secure a sustainable future for Schönfelder Papierfabrik.

Since 1996 we invested more than 50 Mio EUR in new technical equipment and units. In April 2012 we did put the most modern 2- loop- deinking- plant in Europe into operation. That delivers us the basis for the outstanding quality of our products.


In our new location in Niederwürschnitz we fulfil customer requirements in prefabricated paper. We are prepared to cut in large format as well as A3 and A4. Furthermore we produce inkjet plotter paper for smal business uses.